Donating A Vehicle To Project Warmth

What Can My Old Vehicles Do?

Many people do not realize that they can put old vehicles, boats, RV’s and motorcycles to good use. With the assistance of Donate-A-Car Canada Project warmth can now put those vehicles to good use by either selling them at auction or processing them for scrap metals, depending on their condition.

How Do I Get It To You ?

Donate A Car provides towing in many areas throughout Canada, or you can arrange to drop the vehicle off to maximize your donation. Contact Donate-A-Car via phone at 877 250 4904 or go directly to their website to process your donating

Is It Difficult To Transfer The Vehicle To Donate A Car?

No, Donate A Car will look after all the details to make your donation easy and problem free. After your donation Project Warmth will issue you a Tax Receipt within 45 days.