Donate Clothing To Project Warmth

What Is Needed?

Project Warmth is just that, keeping people warm. No-one should ever be cold. Blankets, gloves, sleeping bags, scarves, parkas, and items of warm clothing are desperately needed to help those who are unable to provide these items for themselves and their families.

How Can I Help?
Take a look through your home. Many of us have these basic items. That old blanket, jacket or clothing item that we don’t wear anymore can make a huge difference to those who need them. Don’t let them sit in an old box or at the back of a closet, put them to the very best use by donating them to Project Warmth. You can also help by encouraging your neighbors, family and friends to do the same. If we all made the active choice to help, not one person in our community would ever need to be cold again.

What Is The Next Step?
Once you have collected your items for donation they can be conveniently dropped off at any local Fire Station in the City of Calgary and surrounding area. If you are unable to drop them off you can contact FIRM Canada to arrange for pick-up at by calling (403) 451.9201 or by e-mailing